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Get Started

First Things First

Browse through our products and services. It’ll give you a quick idea of the extensive range we have on offer. Create an account with us. Whether you’re looking to build a wish list as a host, gift a present as a guest, or simply shop for yourself, sign up with us first (it simply smoothens things out over consecutive visits). Your account is where you’ll have access to all consolidated information -- your favourite products, your list of guests, who is getting you what, and tracking information. This is your first step to building a virtual and unique gift registry. So get going!.

What is a Gift Registry?

Simply put, a Gift Registry is a wish list for gifts. Abstractly, it’s you on a platter. Consider it a virtual brick and mortar store with only your favourite products (and services) on show. You’re the sole owner of your registry. You get to decide what goes on your wish list, anything you need, anything that is inherently ‘you’. Build your registry with the choicest from our exhaustive list of products and services, and invite who you want to share this list with. With GiftZenie’s Gift Registry, not only are you assured you’ll receive something you want or need, but you’ll also ease the gifting process for your guests. Wish away, gift away!

How do I create a Registry?

Easy-peasy. Follow these steps… 1. Create an account with us. 2. Hit the Registry button, aptly name your registry (yes, as whacky or as refined as you’d like the name to be) and the occasion for which it’s being created. Add event date and other details. 3. Browse through our products and start building your wish list. 4. Add guests. This can be done by uploading an excel sheet, importing them from your Facebook account / e-mail contacts, or adding names in an easy-to- fill form. 5. Once completed, make things public and mail the registry to your guests. Game on! You can create, save and store multiple registries with GiftZenie. You can toggle between multiple registries with ease. Here’s some added convenience for our highly organised customers… create separate registries for the same event, like individual ones for your bridal shower, wedding and reception. Edit the wish list and guest list accordingly for each registry. It’s all highly customizable.

Who is a Host?

The Host is the one throwing that massive do. On a more serious note, on GiftZenie the host is that person who creates a wish list for their upcoming occasion. They can add products and services online from several well-known brands we’ve partnered with. They can also visit a brick and mortar store and use our app to add a product to their wish list. Once the wish list is curated, invite guests. Voila! The deed is done.

Who is a Guest?

The Guest is that person who gets to enjoy everything for free! Well, minus the gifting bit. A Guest can be any family member, friend or associate who is invited to a host’s event. They can view the host’s wish list and pick from the listed products and services. Once a Guest picks a product, that product is deactivated so as to avoid multiple purchases. Guests can even get together and pool in their money to gift the host a more valuable product or service. Saves them the time, the effort, and the inevitable confusion.

What is Pooling?

In other words, Pooling is collective gifting. Wouldn’t it be great to gift the host something that is memorable and significant, without breaking an individual’s bank? We understand that. That’s where GiftZenie Pooling figures in. Once guests have received a registry invite, they can identify a product or service they jointly want to buy. Simply click on ‘Pool’ and enter names of guests who will be pitching in monetarily. The price is split equally amongst the guests who agree to pool in. Pay your share and once the final amount is met, GiftZenie completes the transaction and dispatches the gift on behalf of all the poolers. Perfect, isn’t it? To keep you in the loop, we will periodically update you on the status of the gift and pending actions so you don’t miss the deadline. If the final gift amount isn’t met, you can choose to deliver a GiftZenie voucher equivalent to the pool amount, to the host, on behalf of those who have pooled in. Alternatively, you can gift a preloaded GiftZenie card that allows the host to buy what they fancy, and not necessarily from GiftZenie.