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Egyptian Cotton Pot Pourri (Rosemoore)

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Scented Pot Pourri - Egyptian Cotton
SKU: 3101
Hand selected pot pourri carefully blended with fragranced oil to produce a long lasting product that not only smells lovely but looks beautiful too. Put it in a decorative jar or bowl, put it in your bathroom, or on a side table in your living room; anywhere you want the aroma to go. The fragrance will last for 1.5 months and can be refreshed by simply adding a few drops of scented oil. Our advice would be to replace the potpourri every 4 months due to excess dust and pollution in our environment which reduces the life of the potpourri. It cannot be cleaned or washed and looks unkempt once the dust settles. It is a great product for gifting as it enhances the ambience of any area where it is placed."