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How Does GiftZenie Work

How Does GiftZenie Work

  • It’s simple. We’ve got several familiar and loved brands on board (fret not, they’re just the first of many). With an exhaustive selection of products you can start building your very own registry. As a host, you decide what you want. As a guest, you decide what to gift from the host’s carefully curated selection. In short this means no more guessing, no indecisiveness, no procrastinating. To nudge you in the right direction, we’ve created gift suggestions to help your registry along. But thank us later!

  • Here’s a step-by-step guide:
    1. Create an account with us. Whether you’re creating a wish list or gifting a present, sign up with us first

    2. Get acquainted with our collection. Browse through the products on our website.

    3. Whether the occasion is an anniversary, birthday, baby shower, or graduation, create an event-specific page that you can share with guests once your registry is complete.

    4. Here’s the exciting part! As a host you can start adding potential gifts to your registry. Stumbled upon something you must have? Add it in! Add gifts through one of the following ways:
      • Add a product / service you fancy

      • Add a product / service someone has recommended to you

      As a guest you can recommend gifts to the host especially if you know they’ll love it and you’re keen on them having it

    5. Make things public by adding guests to your registry. You can do this in a number of ways by either uploading an excel sheet, importing them from your Facebook account / e-mail contacts, or adding names in an easy-to-fill form.

    6. Send personalised invitations to your guests through the registry. Use these invitations to announce the occasion, inform guests of your registry, and to plan out the event.

    7. Ship your chosen gift through us. As a guest, you could send it directly to the host or you could get it delivered to yourself if you choose to present it in person on their special day.

    8. Track your order with our dedicated and smooth tracking system while also keeping a tab on who’s getting you what.

    9. If there’s a need to return a gift it’s possible with no hassles to you. Simply initiate the process through our customer service on your account page. Please note that returns on personalised gifts are not permitted