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What makes us Unique?

What makes us Unique?

  • We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but if we won’t tell you, who will? Join GiftZenie and here’s what lies in store:

    1. You get to pick from branded products you’ve seen and liked in stores.

    2. You’re not only dealing with products but services too. Services like a honeymoon in Prague or a ski

    trip to Gulmarg. Yes, this bit is quite exciting!

    3. Worrying isn’t something you’ll be doing… whether it’s what to gift, when and how to wrap the gift,

    lugging the gift to the party, carrying the gifts home, handling the scores of mutilated wrapping paper,

    and other niggling details. We handle the whole gifting process for you, from start to finish.

    4. Either shop directly with GiftZenie or get a pre-loaded card of a chosen value and shop at any of our

    partner brands.

    5. Want to go all out? You can pool in your money with others to buy a more valuable gift for the host.

    Whether you’re a host creating a wish list or a guest giving a gift, we are confident you will love the

    GiftZenie Gift Registry. It’s fast, free, feature-packed, and tailor made for you.